Sziget Festival parking lot.

This is the cheapest and safest parking availability during the Sziget Festival.

Buy your parking ticket today, since the sooner you buy it, the cheaper you get it.

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Address: 1037 Budapest Bojtár utca 51


GPS: 47.559196, 19.037746
Tel: +36 30 364 0759

Regulations and other information

  • The parking lot is open 24 hours a day during the Sziget – Festival.
  • All vehicles are welcome and may be parked (automobiles, motorcycles, minivans, however, sleeping is not allowed in any of them!)
  • The festival parking lot is guarded 24 hours a day during the event, yet you are requested not to leave any valuables in the car.

The Star Park Group is responsible for the quality and safety of parking, an enterprise with more than twenty years of experience in the field of parking.

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Only between 5. Aug - 14. Aug!


  • A transfer service is operating during the Sziget Festival between 05.Aug.2019 10:00 and 14.Aug.2019 14:00.
  • During the festival, you may bring and take your car without any additional fee.
  • Free transfer will be provided for those buying at least a weekly ticket. Otherwise, the transfer fee is 5€/trip.
  • Transfer circulates exclusively between the chimney in front of the Auchan shopping center and the parking lot, frequency pending on saturation (3 minutes’ walk from the Island entry).
  • Departure in front of 1037 Budapest Bojtár utca 51.
  • A return to the parking lot can only be provided if ordered by phone (order your bus in front of the Island entry and it will be there by the time you get to the stop), except for
  • The last day of the Sziget – Festival, when transfer buses leave from the stop every ten minutes.
  • Do call us at +36 30 364 0759. (from August 1.)


This is the cheapest and most practical parking availability during the Festival 70 € /week/vehicle/entry


Address: 1037 Budapest Bojtár utca 51. (Hungary) GPS: 47.559196, 19.037746


If you buy your weekly parking ticket here, you will be transferred to the Sziget Festival free of charge.


Open 24 hours a day but only between 2019 Aug.5 and 2019 Aug.14. Parking capacities: 600 cars​

0- 22
Parking Capacity
/ Vehicle

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Quick Contact


1037 Bojtár utca 51.


+36 30 364 0759.


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